Balloon Garland Decorating Plastic Tape

Create your own extraordinary balloon chain 'installations', clouds and garlands with this tape, its the professional's secret! Balloon garlands are all over the internet at the moment and we're loving them. This tape consists of holes that you can pull the necks of latex balloons through, and gradually build up the balloons to create something really spectacular! Don't worry - with this tape we will include full instructions for you to create modern balloon garlands. Don't forget to purchase some balloons! These balloon garland tapes work well with all types of latex balloons, you can shop our range here.

For best results mix and match the size of the balloons you require. As a guide you'll need around 50-75 balloons for 2.5 metre garland, and 75-150 for a 5 metre garland. you will need a mixtures of normal sized balloons and mini balloons to fill in the gaps. In our experience its best to get more mini balloons than normal sized. We think they also look best with some of our larger balloons (up to 3 feet!) mixed in and even some confetti balloons!

Choose from 2.5 metres or 5 metres of balloon garland tape | Full instructions included

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Filling Balloons

How do I fill my balloon?

This depends on the type of balloon you purchase. All of our latex and foil balloons are suitable for filling with air or helium (with the exception of air fill letter, number and script words).

Filling Balloons With Helium

If you want your balloons to float, they must be filled with helium, which you can purchase here. Our helium tanks come with a nozzle that is suitable for filling latex or foil balloons. If you are filling your balloon with helium, you need to make sure you fill it to the correct size. The most common reason for balloons not floating is that they haven't been filled enough. The easiest way to measure your balloon size is to take two chairs back to back, and measure the gap out between the chairs. For example, if you had an 11 inch latex balloon, measure 11 inches. Inflate the balloon, and once it touches both chairs you will know its the correct size.

Our giant latex balloons (2 ft and 3 ft) can be filled with a mixture of helium and air and still float perfectly, whilst reducing the amount of helium you need. We recommend filling no more than 1/3 with air, and the remaining 2/3 with helium for best results. Bear in mind the balloon will have a reduced float time if filled with some air. This method is only suitable for 2ft and 3 ft balloons. 

Filling Balloons With Air

To fill our latex balloons with air you can use good old puff, or a balloon pump. If the balloon has confetti inside please do not inflate by mouth due to the small parts inside. Although latex balloons filled with air will not float, on the plus side they last a long time and can stay inflated for weeks! You can hang them from ceilings in bunches with balloon strings, stick onto walls with double sided tape or masking tape, or simple throw them into a room for instant party atmosphere!

To fill our foil balloons with air we recommend using a straw. Find the valve at the bottom of the balloon and poke the straw through and blow. Inside the balloon is a plastic tube. Once the air has travelled though this tube, the balloon will start to inflate. This can sometimes take some strong puffs of air, or you may have to manipulate the tube by rubbing your fingers either side of the balloon. Once the air has made it through the tube you will know as the balloon with start to inflate. Foil balloons filled with air can make great party centrepieces or decorations when stuck onto walls. 

Helium FAQ

How much helium do I need?

That depends! We sell many types of balloons and 2 sizes of helium. See below for how many balloons you can get out of each.

Our helium tanks are available here