Rainbow Foil Orb Balloon

A bright and beautiful round shaped foil balloon in rainbow colours. Perfect for rainbow themed parties! These balloons need to inflated with helium until they reach a beach ball shape and the seams of the balloon are completely flat and unwrinkled (unlike normal foil balloons). Inflating instructions are included.

15" when fully inflated

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Filling Balloons
How do I fill my balloon?
Our balloons can be filled with air or helium of a mix of the two
When filling with a mix of helium and air, fill with 1/3rd air, 2/3rd helium to ensure they float.For maximum float time, fill with all helium
Helium FAQ
How much helium do I need?

That depends! We sell many types of balloons and 2 sizes of helium. See below for how many balloons you can get out of each.

Our helium tanks are available here