24 Black Tie Baking Cups Set

A mixed set of 24 pretty paper baking cups, in a 'black tie' mix of colours. Great for stylish soirees and monochrome events!

Our mixed sets of baking cups are super pretty and make it easy to create a themed display of cakes or treats. These pretty, scalloped edge baking cups are perfect for use as baking cups, treat pots, jelly pots, ice cream bowls, fruit cups, whatever you like! They hold their colour really well even after baking, and you can put the cake mixture straight into them (no need for a muffin pan).

The designs you will receive in this set are 8 black candy stripe, 8 white with black dots, and 8 black with white dots. Each baking cup measures approximately 6 cm diameter at the top, and 4.5 cm height.

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