Bespoke Bunch Of Balloons Cake Topper - Choose Your Colours!

Take your celebration cake to the next level! Select your own colours and create your dream Bunch Of Balloons cake topper.

Each topper kit will come with 10 mini 5" balloons, with a coloured straw and crafting wire. Choose from 52 different colours! The toppers don't need helium and only require some basic crafting skills to put them together. Full instructions are included, and you can also check out our blog post for a visual guide!


1) Choose your balloons colours. You can choose a maximum of 4 colours - or less if you like! Simply select a maximum of 4 colours from the the options below. If you would like your bunch to include confetti balloons please select only ONE confetti balloon colour, the rest of the colours must be made up of solid colours. The colours will be evenly split and will consist of 8 solid coloured balloons and 2 confetti balloons (if selected).

2) Choose your straw colour.

TOP TIP - Mini balloons are very hard to blow into, so we recommend a hand held balloon pump to inflate!

10 mini 5" balloons | Crafting Wire | Paper Straw | Full instructions included

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