1. Make A Paper Fan Cake Topper | DIY Tutorial


    These new mini paper fan cake toppers are super simple to make! Turn any cake into something a but more special with one of these toppers. Whether its homemade or shop bought, this will make your cake really unique! To learn how to make your own cute paper fan cake topper follow our easy steps below.

    DIY Tutorial How To Make A Mini Fan Cake Topper


    If you have purchased one of our Paper Fan Fancy Cake Toppers, you'll already have everything in your kit you'll need.


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  2. DIY Bunch Of Balloons Cake Topper | Step By Step Tutorial

    The balloon cake trend shows no sign of going away so we've created a new addition to our balloon cake topper collection - new 'bunch of balloons' cake toppers! These are so simple to make but will finish off your cake perfectly! If you've purchased one of our kits then you'll have everything you need. Follow our simple step-by-step guide to make these ultra cute balloon cake toppers.

    Allow up to 20 minutes for assembly

    Your bunch of balloons cake topper kit contains:

    10 mini 5" latex balloons

    Crafting Wire

    Paper Straw

    Your topper kit contains 10 balloons. We think at least 6 balloons looks good, but you can use all 10 to make an even bigger 'bunch'.

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  3. DIY Balloon Garland Cake Topper Tutorial

    DIY Balloon Garland Cake Topper Tutorial

    At Candle & Cake we're all about creating the most beautiful impact with minimum effort - and thats exactly what our new Balloon Garland Cake Toppers are all about! Mini balloons on cakes are such a massive trend right now, and we love to make it easy for you to create your own. We've perfected this super easy technique to get great results every time.

    So whether you're a professional baker, or a complete amateur rushing to the supermarket to get that last minute birthday cake, these topper sets can complete your party theme and make your cake look A-mazing!

    If you've bought a cake topper kit from us, then it will contain all the parts you

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  4. How to host your very own Great British Bake-Off garden party

    Every August, the UK grinds to a halt as the Great British Bake-Off begins and we're treated to a smorgasbord of delicious baked goods each week.

    And, as fans of the show will know, the grand final is hosted in the midst of a beautiful outdoor party that millions of people up and down the UK would love to attend. It's a wonderland of balloons, bunting, and Battenburgs, and it's any cake lover's dream day out.

    Well, with the new series on the horizon, why not get inspired and host a Bake-Off-style party in your own garden? To help you get started, we've put a few essential tips together below that will take you from getting the invites sent out to setting up your garden (and everything in between), so be sure to read on for more.

    Get your guest list and invitations sorted

    The first step to hosting your own Bake-Off party is to

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  5. Stylish baby shower decorations ideas

    It can be a little daunting to start the process of selecting party decorations for a baby shower. With all the incredible decorations that are out there, it can be hard to know where to start! There can also be added pressure from wanting to make sure that your pre-arrival party for your little bundle of joy is as gorgeous and celebratory as possible.

    But selecting party decorations doesn’t have to be stressful! We at Candle & Cake are here to make all your party planning as simple as possible. In this blog post, we’re going to be guiding you through three stylish baby shower party decoration ideas to make your baby shower party decorations worthy of your new

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  6. DIY Make Your Own Mini Balloon Bunting!

    If you follow us on Instagram you'll know that we're mad about mini balloons at the moment! I love the endless things you can make with them! One of our favourite (and easiest) things to do with them is make mini balloon bunting. As soon as we hang these anywhere, people can't help but comment how cute they are. They can be hung just about anywhere and with our massive range of mini balloon colours including mini confetti balloons, you can make any combo to match your party theme!

    The make the mini balloon bunting you will need:

    - Mini balloons!

    - Some thin ribbon,

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  7. DIY Balloon Cake Pop Toppers! Step By Step Tutorial


    Its no secret that we love mini balloons here at Candle & Cake. Lots of you have been buying our mini balloons and mini confetti balloons to make balloon cakes - a gorgeous new trend in the cake baking world! We thought we'd share our tips by creating some themed sets ready to buy, and this step-by-step tutorial to create mini balloon cake pops.

    They are so easy, but so effective at transforming your cake into a showstopper! They also work brilliantly on cupcakes. We love the idea of using one as a place setting for a party or wedding, you can tie a tag on with each person's name.

    We sell a number of different cake pop sets which can all be found in our mini

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  8. Tassel Tastic!

    We have been selling tassel garlands ever since Candle & Cake opened nearly 4 years ago - and its a trend that isn't going anywhere! They are one my favourite decorations because not only are they so pretty but they are so versatile and also reusable. They can be tied onto tables, hung on a wall, or even on a balloon as a balloon tail. If you pack them away carefully and you can use them again and again - or hang them in a baby's nursery or bedroom for a more permanent decoration.


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  9. Shop The Look! Rose Gold Party

    For this week's Shop The Look we couldn't resist a play around with some of our most popular rose gold items! We've got everything you need to create this gorgeous party look at home. We love rose gold for parties, weddings, hen nights and baby showers! Links to all products are below including our new rose gold and white confetti balloons.

    Shop the Look - Rose Gold

    1 - Rose Gold Foil Circle Garland £5.99

    2 - Rose Gold & White Confetti Balloon Set £7.99

    3 - Rose G

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  10. Rose Gold Party Mania!

    Last year we knew rose gold was going to be a big party trend and we haven't been wrong! We saw it filter down from the cat walk, to the homeware and clothing departments of the high street. Eventually we were able to get our hands on a small range of rose gold tableware from Meri Meri and our collection began.

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