The balloon cake trend shows no sign of going away so we've created a new addition to our balloon cake topper collection - new 'bunch of balloons' cake toppers! These are so simple to make but will finish off your cake perfectly! If you've purchased one of our kits then you'll have everything you need. Follow our simple step-by-step guide to make these ultra cute balloon cake toppers.

Allow up to 20 minutes for assembly

Your bunch of balloons cake topper kit contains:

10 mini 5" latex balloons

Crafting Wire

Paper Straw

Your topper kit contains 10 balloons. We think at least 6 balloons looks good, but you can use all 10 to make an even bigger 'bunch'.


Inflate your balloons (a balloon pump works best with tiny balloons!). To get the right size and shape blow the balloon up to its full size (around 4-5 inches diameter), then slowly let some air until your balloon is smaller in size at 1-2 inches wide. We find it looks good if you very the sizes slightly. Tie your balloons off. If any of your balloons have confetti inside, rub them all over to encourage the confetti to stick.


Tie the balloons into pairs. Vary the colours so that no two the same are tied together.


Now take your pairs of balloons and twist them around once another. First create a set of 4, the twist more balloons in to create a bunch shape.


Take your length of wire and fold in half, so that you have a piece that is shorter but double the thickness.


Hook the top of the over the top of the bunch of balloons and pull it down tight through the middle.


Pull the wire through the straw until you have some hanging out the bottom. Pull tight and wrap the wire in circles around the base of the straw to secure in place.


You're all done! Insert the cake topper into your cake and admire your creation. The topper should last a few days.

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