It can be a little daunting to start the process of selecting party decorations for a baby shower. With all the incredible decorations that are out there, it can be hard to know where to start! There can also be added pressure from wanting to make sure that your pre-arrival party for your little bundle of joy is as gorgeous and celebratory as possible.

But selecting party decorations doesn’t have to be stressful! We at Candle & Cake are here to make all your party planning as simple as possible. In this blog post, we’re going to be guiding you through three stylish baby shower party decoration ideas to make your baby shower party decorations worthy of your new arrival.

Party decorations: The beauty is in the details

Statement party decorations are important, but often what we remember are the small details When putting your party together. Be sure to keep the most thoughtful touches in the small pieces, such as on-theme paper plates and cupcake toppers. With our incredible selection of smaller party decorations, you can choose from a whole variety of smaller decorations that add that extra special touch. These little party decorations also double as brilliant party favours for your guests, helping them to remember your event well after they’ve left!

Smaller party decorations are an excellent way to take your theme to the next level. The Candle & Cake online store helps you shop according to a theme — so you can pick out the style and occasion that you want for your party, then choose all of the items that fit best!

Invest in a couple of statement pieces

In addition to those smaller party decorations, it’s also important to invest in a couple of “showstopper” party decorations. These could be the very trendy air-filled balloons (no helium needed!) that spell out a whole variety of things such as “Baby” and “Hello World!”, or glittery banners that spell out celebratory remarks.

Also lets not forget confetti balloons! Confetti balloons have been a huge trend in 2017 and 2018, and have taken parties to another level! If you haven't seen them before then take a look here for some serious confetti balloon inspiration! They can be fabulous to decorate your room, and you can even create an amazing confetti display by popping them to surprise your guests! This leads us onto one of favourite new party trends, surprise gender reveal confetti balloons. Gender reveal parties have become all the rage recently. At the right stage of the party, gather all your friends and family, and then use these stunning party decorations to reveal the gender of your newest addition!

Personalise your party decorations

In addition to all of the wonderful ideas outlined above, there’s another way to bring things to the next level all over again. That idea is personalising many of the above decorations! Thanks to our gorgeous array of personalised party decorations, we can personalise your baby shower party decorations, making them truly unique to yourself and your little bundle of joy. Our customisable banners allow you to make statements both big and small on your special day.

Your baby shower should be a day that you, your family and your friends remember forever. Thanks to our brilliant array of baby shower party decorations, you can shop in the most stress-free, stylish way, while ensuring that your day is going to be a wonderful success!

Excited to start planning your baby shower? Check out all of the stylish baby shower party decoration ideas outlined in this blog post, plus much much more, at Candle & Cake!