We have been selling tassel garlands ever since Candle & Cake opened nearly 4 years ago - and its a trend that isn't going anywhere! They are one my favourite decorations because not only are they so pretty but they are so versatile and also reusable. They can be tied onto tables, hung on a wall, or even on a balloon as a balloon tail. If you pack them away carefully and you can use them again and again - or hang them in a baby's nursery or bedroom for a more permanent decoration.


Our range of tassels is constantly growing, and we recently introduced our Mix & Match Tassels. These are fab as you can choose exactly which colour combination you need, in any quantity! The best part is the tassels come already made up, with a loop at the top for hanging. We'll package your tassels with care so that when they arrive, all you need to do is take them out of the box and you have an instant party!

There's nothing like a baptism of fire, and when we launched our new ready made tassels back in Summer, we immediately got a very large order from an event organiser who wanted to decorate a whole room for a Mermaid Themed Party - so we had to get 600 tassels ready! It was during that time that myself and Aimee (our resident tassel queen) perfected the ultimate tassel in record time! Albeit - with some very sore fingers to show for it!



As well as buying the tassels individually you can also now buy them ready made in tassel garlands or as balloon tassel tails. These add a bit of instant frou frou for your balloon, and again these can be reused any number of times. Our tails come ready made in colour ways such as rainbow or pastel, but you could easily create you own - just buy some tassels in your preferred colours and get tying!



The individual tassels are also light enough to be tied to an individual 11 or 12 inch latex balloon (filled with helium) which makes for a super pretty display with endless options. I love products like this that enable you to create a truly bespoke look with minimal effort. So go on - add a tassel!


Balloon Tassel Tails UK