DIY Bunch of Balloons Cake Toppers! Step By Step Tutorial


We love balloon cake toppers in all shapes and sizes here at Candle & Cake, and our latest 'Bunch of Balloons' cake topper is just the cutest. You can make one of these easily if you have purchased one of our balloon bunch kits.

Included in the kits are:

10 mini latex balloons

1 paper straw

Crafting wire 



Step 1

Blow up as many balloons as you want to use for your topper (a balloon pump works best). To get the right size and shape blow the balloon up to full size (around 5 inches across), then slowly let air until your balloon is 1-2 inches wide. We find it looks good if a few of the balloons are smaller/different sizes. Tie the balloons off. If your kit contains any confetti balloons then rub the balloons to encourage the confetti to stick.





Step 2

Tie pairs of balloons together. Vary the colours and sizes so that no two the same are tied together.



Step 3

Now you have your pairs of balloons, twist them around one another to create a larger bunch. Continue twisting until you have added all the balloons and you are happy with the shape of your bunch.




Step 4

Take your length of wire and fold in half, so you have a piece that is shorter but double thickness.




Step 5

Take the top of the wire (where you folded) and hook this over the middle of the bunch of balloons. Pull it down tight, then thread the two pieces of wire through the stra



Step 6

You will now have some wire hanging out the bottom of the straw. Pull it as tight as you can and wrap the wire in circles around the base of the straw to secure the balloons in place.



Step 7

Insert the topper into your cake and admire your creation! The topper should last a few days.


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