DIY Balloon Cake Pop Toppers! Step By Step Tutorial

Its no secret that we love mini balloons here at Candle & Cake. Lots of you have been buying our mini balloons and mini confetti balloons to make balloon cakes - a gorgeous new trend in the cake baking world! We thought we'd share our tips by creating some themed sets ready to buy, and this step-by-step tutorial to create mini balloon cake pops.

They are so easy, but so effective at transforming your cake into a showstopper! They also work brilliantly on cupcakes. We love the idea of using one as a place setting for a party or wedding, you can tie a tag on with each person's name.

We sell a number of different cake pop sets which can all be found in our mini balloons section. The kits contain all you need to make the toppers including pre-filled confetti balloons, straws and ribbon. If you have all those things already or you've purchased a kit from us, then you're ready to make your own! Here we are using our Mermaid Balloon Pops Set.


You will need:

One of our mini balloon cake topper sets OR some mini 5 inch balloons, thin ribbon or cord, paper straws, scissors, and a cake!


Step 1

Get all your ribbons, straws and balloons ready. You'll need to cut 5 pieces of ribbon about 30 cms in length for each balloon. It needs to be thin ribbon or cord, as it needs to fit down the straw hole.



Step 2

Use a balloon pump to blow up all your balloons. Make sure they are all the same size and do not over-inflate! They are 5 inches maximum in size, but we recommend inflating them a bit smaller. 4 inches across the widest part of the balloon is ideal. Tie the a knot in the balloon to secure. If your balloons have confetti inside, give them a good shake and rub the sides of the balloon to encourage the confetti to stick.



Step 3

Take a piece of your pre-cut ribbon or cord and tie it as tight as you can in a triple knot BELOW the knot of the balloon. It is important to tie it as tightly as possible! Ribbon or cord works well.



Step 4

Cut the little ring off the bottom of the balloon. This will make it lot easier to pull the string through the straw.



Step 5

Thread the string through the straw and pull gently until the neck and knot on the balloon are nestling inside the top of the straw, and the balloon is standing upright on top of the straw. Trim the ribbon poking out of the bottom of the straw.



Step 6

Repeat until you have finished all the balloons. Take some coloured ribbon, and tie a cute bow at the bottom of each balloon around the top of the straw.



Step 7

Congratulate yourself on your excellent crafting skills, and arrange the balloons on your cake!



Have you made a gorgeous cake using our cake pop sets or tutorial? Don't forget to tag us on Instagram, we'd love to see! @candleandcakeparty