DIY Balloon Garland Cake Topper Tutorial

At Candle & Cake we're all about creating the most beautiful impact with minimum effort - and thats exactly what our new  Balloon Garland Cake Toppers are all about! Mini balloons on cakes are such a massive trend right now, and we love to make it easy for you to create your own. We've perfected this super easy technique to get great results every time.

So whether you're a professional baker, or a complete amateur rushing to the supermarket to get that last minute birthday cake, these topper sets can complete your party theme and make your cake look A-mazing!

If you've bought a cake topper kit from us, then it will contain all the parts you need. We also recommend using a balloon pump - as tiny balloons as tricky to blow up by mouth! We love these mini balloon pumps, but any old balloon pump will do! If your garland includes confetti balloons, then bear in mind that the balloons won't be completely clear and will have a slight lustre effect. This is because the balloons are not blown up to their full size, but they still look super pretty!

If you haven't purchased a kit from us you can still make your own by following the steps below.

These garlands are made using 5" latex balloons. In our kits we use the best quality balloons for the best effect. You can expect your garland to last a few days before the balloons start to deflate, but we recommend assembling as close to your party as possible.

Allow 30 minutes for assembly, now let's get started!

Your Balloon Garland Cake Topper kit contains:

24 mini 5" balloons

1 metre crafting wire

4 wooden skewers


Before Assembly:

Think about how big you want your garland to be. You won't need all 24 balloons unless you're making a large garland. Our cake was 10 inches on the bottom tier and 8 inches on the top tier, and we used 14 balloons. For a smaller cake - use less.

Next, without inflating the balloons, take them and lay them out flat in the order you would prefer. For example, you may want a random mixed design or you may prefer to group them according to colour to create a rainbow or ombre effect.



Now start to inflate the balloons. The balloons should be different sizes so aim for around 3 different sizes. The balloons can be between 1 and 3 inches for best results (this is the measurement straight across the widest part of the balloon once inflated). Inflate the balloon larger than you need it, then let some air out until you have the right size, this helps them keep a nice round shape. If you are using confetti balloons, make sure these are the largest balloons in your garland design. Once inflated, rub the confetti balloon until the confetti sticks to the sides of the balloon.



Once your balloons are all inflated and tied, start to tie them into pairs. Take the neck of the balloon and tie it in a single knot to the neck of another balloon. Tie the balloons according to your original design. For example, you might want to tie all balloons on one colour together. Or, if you’re going for a random mixed design, tie balloons of different colours together. Make sure to add variety by tying balloons of different sizes together.


Once the pairs are all tied trim the circular ring off the bottom of the balloon necks. This will make for a neater garland. Be careful with the scissors!



Take your crafting wire and wrap it around the top of one of the wooden skewers 3-4 times to create a secure anchor for the garland.


Now take a pair of tied balloons. Wrap the wire around the middle of the pair (the tied necks) 2 times to secure the balloons onto the wire.


Take your next pair of balloons, and place them as close as you can to the first set, repeat wrapping the wire around the middle of the balloon pair 2 times tightly until secured into position. Try to keep the wire tight so that it remains hidden from sight.

Don’t worry if it looks a bit odd - it will soon begin to take shape and you'll have a chance to twist and move the balloons into shape once you've finished.



Continue until you have run out of balloons. If you’ve made a mistake you can uncurl the wire, re-position the balloons to correct it. Really though, theres no right or wrong! Once all the balloons are attached to the wire, repeat step 4 and secure the wire to the other wooden skewer, finishing by trimming the wire with scissors.



Twist and turn the balloons until you are happy with their positioning, and most of the wire is hidden from sight.



Insert the topper into your cake, and have a great party!



If you're feeling creative then you can also makes different types of designs with mini balloons! Check out our 100's of customer pictures on Instagram for inspiration!

We love this design spotted on Instagram by Goodies Cakery.


To make a similar design using our kits, simply tie smaller length of crafting wire onto individual balloons and poke them into the cake in your desired position, so simple but effective!

Feeling a bit pro? You can have more control over your design and the placement of the balloons if you tie each individual one onto the wire directly. Beware though, this will give you sore fingers and will take a bit longer!

Candle & Cake sells a range on on-trend balloon cake toppers to fit with all your cake and party themes! See them all here.