DIY Make Your Own Mini Balloon Bunting!

If you follow us on Instagram you'll know that we're mad about mini balloons at the moment! I love the endless things you can make with them! One of our favourite (and easiest) things to do with them is make mini balloon bunting. As soon as we hang these anywhere, people can't help but comment how cute they are. They can be hung just about anywhere and with our massive range of mini balloon colours including mini confetti balloons, you can make any combo to match your party theme!

The make the mini balloon bunting you will need:

- Mini balloons!

- Some thin ribbon, twine or string.

- A balloon pump. Mini balloons are tricky to blow up by mouth!

To make your bunting

Blow up all your mini balloons to the same size, and have a think about which order you want to tie them onto your ribbon.



Start tying them onto the string or ribbon. We like to tie them below the knot so that they hang neatly. Leave a gap of around 5 inches between each balloon.



Keep going until you have a beautiful string of balloons! These look great hung on mantel pieces, party tables, from ceilings, trees, in fact just about anywhere! The bunting can stay up for many weeks depending on conditions, keep out of direct sunlight to prolong the life of your balloon bunting.



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