Make A Paper Fan Cake Topper | DIY Tutorial

These new mini paper fan cake toppers are super simple to make! Turn any cake into something a but more special with one of these toppers. Whether its homemade or shop bought, this will make your cake really unique! To learn how to make your own cute paper fan cake topper follow our easy steps below.


If you have purchased one of our Paper Fan Fancy Cake Toppers, you'll already have everything in your kit you'll need.



To make the topper you will need:

1 mini paper fan (5 inches)

5 glue dots

1 wooden skewer

1 paper straw

1 length of ribbon


Step 1

Take your fan and remove any double sided tape. Apply 2 glue dots to each side of the cardboard edge. Peel the backing off the glue dots so they are ready to stick.




Step 2

Place your wooden stick onto one side of the cardboard and press down firmly onto the glue dots.



Step 3

Open out the paper fan and press the other side of the cardboard carefully onto the glue dots, taking care not to damage the delicate paper.




Step 4

If you are using a straw to decorate your stick, place another glue dot at the top of the stick, at the base of the fan.




Step 5

Place your straw over the top of the stick, and pinch the top to make it stick.




Step 6

Tie a bow at the bottom at the top of the straw. Now your cute fan topper is ready to use!