Dinosaur Party Decorations Set

Make your Dinosaur themed party an absolute breeze with these co-ordinated party decoration sets.

This set contains everything you need to decorate a themed Dinosaur party, all in one neat box! You could also team this kit with other items from our Dinosaur Party Range.

Party decorations set includes:

Dino Party banner (1 piece)

Paper bunting garland (1 piece)

Muffin wrappers (6 pieces)

Cake topper (5 pieces)

Treat cases (2 pieces)

Straws (10 pieces)

Silver whistles (6 pieces)

Balloons (mix of designs, 6 pieces)

Silver streamers (1 piece)

Bottle green satin ribbon (width 6 mm, 1 piece).

Some items requre basic assembly.

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