Giant Rainbow Circle Confetti Filled Balloon 36"

A giant round balloon filled with giant circle shaped confetti. These confetti balloons inject instant fun to any event! When fully inflated these balloons reach 36 inches, thats almost a metre wide! They can be filled with air or helium. Due to the size and the small parts inside we do not reccommend filling by mouth, please inflate using helium, a balloon pump or an electric balloon inflater. 

Our helium tanks will fill these balloons to around 30 inches. If you want your balloon to be the full 36 inches, inflate partly with air before filling the rest of the balloon with helium (it will still float perfectly and be easier to control!). This balloon will float for around 2-3 days depending on conditions. Filling with some air makes the confetti stick to the sides better. Full instructions included.

One giant qualtex diamond clear balloon pre filled with rainbow circle confetti  |  Confetti size is 2 inches or 5.5 cm

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