Giant Rainbow Sprinkle Confetti Balloon Kit 24"

A really bright and colourful giant confetti balloon! This huge confetti balloon is filled with our mini rainbow confetti and looks so pretty. We love the way it sticks to the side and creates the most beautiful effect. These balloons are very large at 2 feet wide or 60 cm. They are little more manageable than our largest 3 ft balloons but still create an impressive impact. They are best when filled a little with air, and mostly helium (the air helps the confetti stick to the sides). To fill one of these balloons with helium you will need around 3-4 cubic feet of helium (our small tanks have 8.8 cubic feet and our large tanks have 14.9 cubic feet). Once filled with helium they should float for around 2-3 days.

One pre-filled confetti balloon | 24 inches or 60 cms | Balloon string included

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