Extra Large Rose Gold Confetti Balloon 22"

A gorgeous big rose gold confetti filled balloon in perfectly spherical shape. These balloons are really much bigger than a standard size balloon at 22 inches, so they make a real impact. The rose gold foil confetti catches the light so the balloons shimmer and sparkle in the light. They are slightly easier to handle than our super giant sized balloons (36 inches), and need much less helium to fill! The kit comes with one balloon pre-filled with confetti, as well as full instructions for inflating. If filled with pure helium they will float for around 1.5 days. It is also possible to fill with a small amount of air to about 11 inches, then the remainder with helium. This will make the confetti stick to sides better, but also they would only float for a day.

For a more cost effective way to make a display - these can be filled with air and hung with string from ceilings.

Requires 4 cubic ft of helium (our standard helium tanks contain 8.8 cubic feet) if filling with helium.

To ensure you don't over fill these balloons we recommend placing two chairs back to back. Measure the space between the chairs to be 22 inches. When the balloon is inflated if it touches both chairs then it has reached the correct size.

One rose gold confetti filled balloon | 22 inches or 55 cm | Instructions included

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