Metallic, White & Rainbow Fleck Balloon Garland Cake Topper

These amazing kits contain everything you need to make two small, or one large balloon garland cake topper - made from from real balloons!

The set contains enough balloons to make two smaller or one very large balloon cake topper. 

This kit contains:

mini white balloons, 

mini gold or silver 'chrome' finish balloons, 

and rainbow flecked transparent confetti filled balloons. 

Please note in this set the metallic chrome finish balloons are slightly bigger than the white and transparent balloons. Therefore we recommend making these the balloons the biggest in your design.

Each set contains step by step instructions so you can create your own unique, modern cake topper, guaranteed to grab attention!

Each set contains 24 mini balloons, wooden skewers, crafting wire and instructions. We recommend using a balloon pump to inflate these tiny balloons.

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