Mini Pastel Decorative Ball Cake Toppers Set - Choose Your Colours!

These sets of coloured ball cake toppers will take your cake decorating to the next level!

No more fiddling around trying to make chocolate spheres, these toppers provide an easy shortcut and look stunning on your cake! Choose from pastel pink, yellow, blue or white. The sets come with 4 balls in 4 different sizes. To make a bigger display add more sets and mix and match the colours to create match your chosen colour theme!

The balls are made from polystyrene, and are coated in a non toxic colour. The white and yellow have a matte finish and the pink and blue have a shinier finish. Each ball is mounted on bendable crafting wire, so you can affix to your cake as you wish.

Choose your colours and size from the options below.

These toppers come in sets of 4. The diameter sizes are 4cm, 3 cm, 2.5 cm and 2 cm.

Please note - due to the materials used (polystyrene) these toppers do not have a 100% smooth finish. Some mottling may occur in the surface of the 'ball', please bear this in mind.

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