Pink Mix Balloon Bundle 12"

Our new balloon bundles make co-ordinating your party decor a breeze! Nothing cheers a room up as easily as a beautiful set of balloons.

This is a set of 12 latex pink themed balloons in a mix of fuchsia, light pink, white and confetti balloons with light and hot pink circle confetti. Great for birthdays and baby showers! The balloons are nice and big at 12 inches. They can be filled with helium or air. They look amazing tied into bunches or scattered around a room, for an instant party feel!

Our balloons are premium quality balloons which means the colours are amazing, and they stay inflated for longer. These balloons can stay inflated for days (even weeks!) when filled with air. When filled with helium the balloons will float for around 8 hours on average depending on conditions. We recommend inflating as close to your event as possible if using helium (ie, not the night before).

This set contains:

4 x light pink balloons

3 x fuchsia balloons

3 x white balloons balloons

2 x confetti balloons with light and hot pink tissue circle confetti

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