Rose Gold Balloon Bunting Garland

This garland contains mini balloons in rose gold which are oh so sweet! Each set contains 12 mini balloons in rose gold metallic, our special rose gold confetti, and pearlescent white.

The balloons are easy to inflate with a hand held balloon pump. Once inflated, simply tie them onto the satin ribbon provided and you'll have the most beautiful balloon bunting! The rose gold and white balloons are 'double stuffed', which means one balloon is inside the other, creating a thicker balloon. We find double stuffing them gives a really luxe look and the balloons last longer. We'll send them out all ready to go, all you need to do is inflate and tie as usual. If you don't want them to be double stuffed you can easily pull the balloons out from one another, and you'll have even more balloons for your garland!

These can last for weeks when hung indoors. Please note you will need a balloon pump as these balloons are too tiny to inflate by mouth. You can purchase one here if you don't have one already. The balloons are mini in size at 5 inches, do not over-inflate!

Garland contains 3 m satin white ribbon | 8 double stuffed balloons | 4 confetti balloons | Balloon size 5 inches

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