Rose Gold & Burgundy Party Balloon Bouquet

Burgundy is back! We love these on-trend mixed sets of rose gold, rose gold confetti and beautiful burgundy latex party balloons. This beautiful set of balloons makes a lovely big bouquet!

Our new balloon sets are carefully assembled here in our own party studio, in colours that are tried and tested to go perfectly together. We use high quality latex balloons, which are suitable to be filled with air or helium. Tie them together into impressive bunches, or create a pretty ceiling display when filled with helium.

These balloons will float for 6-7 hours if filled with helium - so please ensure you inflate them as close to your party time as possible. If filled with air they will stay nice and round for several days.

To make the confetti stick - gently rub the sides of the balloons once inflated to create static.

Each set of 12 balloons contains an even mix of rose gold metallic, burgundy, and transparent rose gold confetti balloons filled with rose gold circle confetti. We also include 20 metres of balloon ribbon. These sets can be filled with one of our regular sized helium tanks.

  • 12 balloons
  • 12 inches
  • Suitable for air or helium
  • Hand pump or helium tank is reccomended
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