Spooky Eyes Balloon Garland Cake Topper

Deck your cakes! This spooky balloon garland cake bunting topper will set all your Halloween themed cakes off perfectly.

This set contains balloons in shades of lilac, lime green, white, black with spooky eyes print, and confetti balloons with a mix of purple, lime green and silver confetti. The kits contain 24 balloons in total, which is enough to make one very large or 2 smaller cake balloon garlands.

Each set contains step by step instructions so you can create your own unique, modern cake topper, guaranteed to grab attention!

Click to see our easy balloon garland cake topper tutorial https://www.candleandcake.co.uk/blog/balloon-garland-cake-topper-tutorial

Each set contains mini balloons, straws to put over the wooden sticks if desired, wooden skewers, crafting wire and instructions.

We recommend using a balloon pump to inflate these tiny balloons.

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